What if Selling
Wasn't Scary?

What if there was a simple strategy you could implement today to sell your course or class faster, with less stress?

Happy dance news. There is.

Have you ever?


wondered why selling your childbirth or fertility course felt like pulling teeth?


said your offer "wasn't ready," but actually you were just legit terrified to market it?


told yourself you didn't want to "bother" your audience by talking about your course or class?


wanted to sell MORE than you're selling now, but don't know how?

Imagine this…

Imagine your

Here's the truth

There are oodles of successful course creators eager to sell you their “magic” formula that promise effortless sales. It’s usually the roadmap that *personally* worked for them- whether that’s funnels, memberships or evergreen courses.

The truth is those are simply delivery systems, and at the end of the day, all profitable offers have one core thing in common- they’re streamlined, people centered offers that solve a specific  problem.

I’m here to show you simple strategies that can help you create a streamlined, in-demand people centered offer that your audience can’t wait to say YES to.

Skip the learning curve

In Start Selling! I’m going to help you skip the learning curve when it comes to learning how to market your course. 

Start Selling! is designed for women who want to say see-ya to common (and easily fixable) selling mistakes so you can make money and impact with less stress.

Get clear on your message, and the people-centered solution you offer!

What you'll learn

Inside the Start Selling! Workshop, you’ll learn the tips, tricks, and foundational principles that create excitement and desire around your offer. From the right marketing mindset, to knowing what makes a profitable course and so much more!

What you'll get

When you sign up for the Start Selling! Workshop you’ll get:

  • Access to the 90 minute Start Selling! prerecorded workshop- yours for life!
  • Pre-Work Workbook with 18 pages of inspiration, checklists and clarity building prompts for your birth or fertility business

Are you...


selling your course or class without a consistent message?


trying to sell tasks and information or solution and connection?


not including your course title and pricing in your marketing strategy?


trying to increase your sales with the same strategy you used to get your first?

From Struggling to Sold Out

When I first became a Childbirth Educator, I struggled to package my knowledge in a way that created lasting connection and helped women say YES instead of “maybe.”

I was selling a handful of courses and that felt amazing, but it was a lot of effort, and I intuitively felt it could be easier. It wasn’t about the money, it was about radically fulfilling the calling God had placed on my life to help women.

So I watched an embarrassing number of free webinars on selling, and spent hundreds of dollars on courses that could teach me the one “secret” that I was still missing (or so I thought).



Then I realized there was really just one thing all profitable offers had in common- they were streamlined, people-centered offers that solved a problem and created connection. When I implemented that, I more than doubled my sales and filled every seat in my live, online training. Selling became a whole lot easier.

I’ve trained and mentored 75+ women in the birth world and often see the same marketing mistakes again and again. I don’t want you to miss out on creating your own income and impact!


now it's your turn

Save your seat at the Start Selling! Marketing Workshop for childbirth educators, doulas, fertility educators and female course creators and start making more sales + creating more impact in your community and the world!

Workshop was held Saturday November 4, 2023 from 3-4:30 pm EDT. You will receive the prerecorded video.

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