Set Apart Sex Masterclass [Instant Video + Workbook PDF]


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Heal from shame – Restore Joy – Step into God’s Good Design for Sex!


Set Apart Sex Masterclass is for…

Single women who desire to understand God’s good plan for sex in marriage

Married women who are ready to let go of sexual shame or difficulty and ignite purpose and pleasure instead

Any woman who struggles with pain during intercourse

Any woman who has struggled with sexual sin and wants to know how to move forward

And any woman who is walking with their husband through pornography addiction


What if you were made for pleasure and for purpose?

Set Apart Sex Masterclass is a deep dive on sex and sexuality from a Biblical perspective!

I promise, this isn’t another teaching to wives about being sexually available…


Set Apart Sex Masterclass will take you through the fundamental teachings on sex in the Bible, including:

  1. Understanding the God who invented sex
  2. Is sex good or bad? And why does it need boundaries?
  3. What Biblical sex is NOT
  4. The purpose of sexual pleasure in marriage
  5. How the female body was primed for pleasure
  6. What about *other* kinds of sexual pleasure?
  7. Why singlehood is glorifying to God…And SO much more!


PLUS you’ll get my testimony of how I discovered my husband’s pornography addiction, how he overcame it, and how we HEALED our marriage with God and restored trust!


What you’ll get when you purchase:

90 minute Set Apart Sex Masterclass [instant viewing!]

Set Apart Sex Workbook with Bible verse references


Ready to embrace God’s good design for your sexuality?
See you inside the Set Apart Sex Masterclass!


After purchasing, you will receive an email with the link to watch the Masterclass and a link to download your workbook. If you don’t see my email after a few minutes, please check your spam or junk folder. The Set Apart Sex Masterclass can be watched by one household. Do not share. Because of the digital nature of this product, there are no refunds. 





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