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Process your birth safely, gently, compassionately with me, a Christian Childbirth Educator and trauma-sensitive coach for moms certified to support survivors. Whether your birth was joyful and physiologically uncomplicated, or traumatic and difficult, this is YOUR space to be seen and heard while sharing the events of your birth.

Do you need clarity around the events of your birth? What happened and why? A Birth Story Session gives you the space to unpack your birth and receive non-judgmental educational insight into your birth. In a Birth Story Session you can get answers to questions like:

Were my birth interventions necessary?

My birth was “good,” am I allowed to struggle with what happened?

Was I truly supported during my birth?

How can I strengthen my faith after giving birth?

Your Birth Story Session can support you as you integrate your birth into your new role as a mother. If this was your first birth or if you have already given birth many times, a Birth Story Session is for you.

As a Bible-based, trauma informed/ trauma sensitive educator and coach, it is my commitment to you that you will walk away from your Birth Story Session feeling seen, heard, validated and encouraged while pointing you always back to God’s truth.

Examples of types of births to process: normal/average, uncomplicated, precipitous labor, prolonged labor, dystocias, posterior position, vaginal, caesarean, VBAC, HBAC, traumatic, premature labor/delivery, births involving the NICU, births with excessive blood loss, hospital transfers, miscarriage. (This list is not exhaustive).

Birth Story Sessions are also for women who have experienced an early birth (miscarriage).

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This service includes:

*Session will be booked after purchase*

1- 60 minute live video call

Birth Story Session companion booklet

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