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Pregnancy complications like IUGR, preeclampsia and high blood pressure aren’t genetic.
They’re symptoms of poor blood volume expansion and suboptimal nutrition.
The good news? You can prevent and often reverse these conditions by changing what you eat.

Can you relate?

high blood pressure

Are you trying to avoid medication?


You know pregnancy is supposed to be a special time, but you feel so depleted.


Do you feel that hemorrhage is inevitable because you've had it in the past?

Growth restriction

All you want is to avoid induction. You know your body was made to give birth naturally.

I know how you feel...

As a mama, you only want the best for your baby and your body. You want to know how to care for your pregnancy in the best way possible. You know that pregnancy is supposed to be a sacred journey into motherhood.
But when you have pregnancy issues like rising blood pressure, preeclampsia, fetal growth restriction, it can feel…
devastating. You might wonder,
“Did I do something wrong?” You might feel guilty and blame yourself.
You’re trying to follow the best pregnancy advice, but it’s all so overwhelming…and confusing. There’s A LOT of conflicting advice, and all your doctor says “it’s just one of those things. Let’s schedule your induction.”
But what your doctor doesn’t know, is that there is a way to fully nourish a pregnancy optimally that allows maternal blood volume to expand properly, so that problems like gestational hypertension, preeclampsia and growth restriction become rare.

Prenatal Vitality

Deep down, you KNOW your body was made to carry your baby to term in vibrant health. You’re not broken.
Are you ready to discover the truth about salt, protein and calories, and how they can fully nourish your baby and placenta and reverse pregnancy complications like preeclampsia and fetal growth restriction?
First, why is diet so important?
During a pregnancy, your body must create new blood. Blood volume during pregnancy must expand by 50-60%. That’s about 1.5 liters of new blood your body must create to have a viable, healthy pregnancy! 1 liter of this is contained in the uterus and placenta alone. 
Your placenta can only function well if you supply it with healthy blood throughout the 9 months of your pregnancy, but especially during the third trimester when your baby goes through his or her biggest growth spurt. 
Creating enough new blood is essential to a healthy placenta that can supply all the adequate nutrients to your baby everyday. You make this new blood from what you eat. That’s why an optimal pregnancy diet is so critical.
What if you don’t eat enough to create 1.5 new liters of blood? The cardiovascular system combats low blood volume by constricting blood vessels. When blood vessels constrict, blood pressure rises, and continues to rise until blood volume is increased. High blood pressure causes stress to the maternal cardiovascular system and placenta.
And it’s not just high blood pressure and preeclampsia that occur when blood vessels constrict. When blood isn’t flowing properly in the uterus and placenta, nutrients to your baby are restricted. Complications like IUGR, preterm labor and low birth weight babies are the result of restricted blood flow.
So what can you do? 
You need to optimize blood volume expansion with the right amount of protein, calories and salt everyday!

Nourish with The Brewer Diet

The Brewer Diet was created by Dr. Tom Brewer MD, who championed for nutrient dense diets in pregnancy in the 1960’s and 1970’s.
When other doctors were advocating low calorie, low salt diets in pregnancy, Dr. Brewer was showing that unrestricted consumption of salt, unrestricted weight gain and adequate protein in pregnancy prevented preeclampsia.
His methods, supported by decades of research, were confirmed over the course of 12 years during his clinical practice in Contra Costa County, California. Over 25,000 women followed these guidelines during that time with great success.

Pillars of The Brewer Diet


80-120g, or more, of protein daily to increase maternal blood volume adequately.


2600 calories minimum should be consumed daily from whole real foods.


Salt to taste is essential. Do not restrict salt unless your taste buds tell you to.

eliminate diuretics

Herbs and caffeine must be eliminated to help blood volume expand.

Dr. Brewer completed his general practice residency at Lallie Kemp Charity Hospital where he turned their preeclampsia rates from one in four to zero
In Contra Costa County, California he personally oversaw the care of 7,000 women where preeclampsia rates averaged 20%. The rate of preeclampsia among those 7,000 women who followed The Brewer Diet was .5%. Today the average rate of preeclampsia in the United States is 5-8%.
Now it’s your turn. Are you ready to utilize the evidence backed principles of The Brewer Diet to nourish your body and baby? 
I know you might feel overwhelmed and asking questions like
Where do I start? 
What do I eat?
I created a super simple guide for you to start implementing The Brewer Diet principles that expand maternal blood volume optimally and create robust babies and placentas!
No fluff, no jargon. Get the 11-page Brewer Diet Quick Start Guide and get only the information you need to start nourishing your pregnancy optimally now.


Introduction to The Brewer Diet

– Understanding the 3 pillars of optimal prenatal health

– Fully updated, Brewer approved food list with 100s of foods

– How much protein do you really need? Cheat Sheet to Corrective Allowances

-How much to eat for a singleton pregnancy vs twin pregnancy (or other multiples!)

– When to Implement the Emergency Protocol

-Top diuretic foods and herbs to remove PLUS delicious alternatives

PLUS easy printables!

– The Brewer Diet Daily and Weekly Checklist

-Companion Shopping List so you don’t have to wonder “What do I eat?”

Will it work for me?

Mothers say it best


"After working with Brittany, and finally understanding how to implement The Brewer Diet correctly, I have had the lowest blood pressure reading since the beginning of my pregnancy!"

Are you wondering?

Can I customize The Brewer Diet?

gluten free options

Yes! The Brewer Diet is fully compatible for those who can't eat gluten

dairy free options

Yes! Non-dairy alternatives are included!

vegetarian options

Yes! Plant based protein options are included!

No counting calories

Just check food group boxes on the checklist provided!

What if I have already been diagnosed with preeclampsia?

The root of preeclampsia is poor blood volume expansion caused by too little protein, calories and salt in the maternal diet.

Correcting undernourishment and giving your body what it needs to make more healthy blood is vital for any pregnant mother, even if you have already been diagnosed with preeclampsia and are on medication.

Every mother needs to eat well. Why not ensure you’re giving your body exactly what it needs at every meal?

Here’s what’s inside The Brewer Diet Quick Start Guide

  • Understanding the 3 Pillars of Optimal Prenatal Health $22
  • What Counts? Foundation for Applying The Brewer Diet $22
  • How much protein do you need? Cheat Sheet to Corrective Allowances $33
  • How much to eat for a singleton pregnancy vs twin pregnancy $7
  • When to implement the Brewer Emergency Protocol $7
  • Fully updated, Brewer approved foods list by category $44
  • The Brewer Diet Daily + Weekly Checklist PDF Printable $22
  • Brewer Companion Shopping List $22
  • Top diuretic foods to remove PLUS delicious alternatives $7

Total: $186.00

Only $7!

I’m Brittany!

I’m a Childbirth Educator, Doula, Brewer Diet Coach and mother to 6 children. I believe wholeheartedly in women’s God given ability to give birth with vitality. This belief has guided me through 4 beautiful home births and 2 empowered, unmedicated hospital births.

I believe every woman deserves to know the truth about pregnancy, and it’s my mission to help you walk through motherhood with confidence in your ability to heal and nourish.

This is your time to be fully nourished and vibrant during pregnancy!

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Nourish with The Brewer Diet Quick Start Guide