Bible Based Training for Birth Professionals

What if you could become a Childbirth Educator or Doula without compromising your deeply held Christian beliefs?

Friend, you have a special calling from God!

That still small voice is whispering and you wonder where to start your journey into birth work.

With so many people falling to the changing culture, you don't know who to trust...

Do you love birth?

  • Do you feel God calling you to support women in pregnancy or birth?
  • Do you want to see women have redemptive beautiful births the way you KNOW God designed them?
  • Are you frustrated by other childbirth educator or doula certification organizations that push their secular, anti-Biblical agendas?
  • Do you want to be supported by an organization that upholds your Christian values and affirms traditional gender language?
  • Are you ready to become a highly sought after and trusted birth worker in your community?


I’ve been there. For a long time I eagerly sought birth work education but couldn’t find the right mentors that aligned with my deeply held values and beliefs. I searched and searched without finding a program I could get excited about…

It seemed like they were ALL the same.

“Chestfeeding” instead of breastfeeding.

“Person” instead of woman.

“Universe” instead of Creator.

But here’s the good news
There is a way to become a childbirth educator or doula without being exposed to woke ideology.
You can let your guard down, and receive the training you need knowing you won’t be taught New Age birth concepts. 

Birth isn’t a portal to God, a way to salvation or a time to “tap into” your inner goddess. 

Birth is a beautiful time in a woman’s life designed by God to draw her closer to His power and presence. If you’re ready to authentically empower women in birth while affirming this truth, this is for you!

Childbirth Educator Certification Program

Scripture-led and Evidence Based!

The Biblical Birth School is the only Bible based birth training for women who are ready to turn their God given passion for birth into a life changing career and ministry!

For women who value evidence based learning, traditional values and Biblical truth. Become a Childbirth Educator or Doula without compromise!

What's Inside the Program?
7 in depth, on demand video training modules with 50 lessons on:
→ The physical and hormonal stages of physiological birth the way God designed it
→ How to reconcile the need for interventions in pregnancy and birth
Discover what the Bible really says about the “curse” of childbirth and menstruation
→ Understand how the six losses of trauma affect your clients during birth and beyond
→ Expert tips on holding childbirth education classes that make you stand out
Exposing New Age and occult practices in birth work
Encouragement to overcome insecurities and step into YOUR unique calling from God 
Learn how to set up your birth business from home, easily and legally
→ Connect and network with women that love Biblical truth as much as you do
→and MUCH more!

What will I learn?

  • In this completely distinctive module, you’ll get 7 in depth lessons on Genesis chapter 3, the “curse” of childbirth and get foundational teaching on what Christians should believe about birth!
  •  Module 2 takes a comprehensive look at physiological, undisturbed birth the way God designed it. You’ll get essential knowledge on female anatomy, the stages of labor, the “secret place,” the doors of the womb and so much more!
  • The stages and phases of labor
  • 7 cardinal movements of labor + best labor positions
  • physical and emotional markers of labor progression, birth hormones and more!
  •  Birth doesn’t always go as planned. In Module 3 you’ll grasp the theological and physical reasons why birth complications CAN happen and WHY interventions might be the solution. You’ll understand common pregnancy complications, interventions and side effects, plus how to maintain autonomy and dignity through unexpected outcomes.
  •  In this eye-opening and exciting Module, I’ll take you on a journey to expose the overt and subtle New Age and occult practices happening in pregnancy and birth everyday. You’ll learn:
  • What birth practices Christians should avoid and why
  • How to navigate birth work as a Christian
  • How to be on guard for spiritual warfare in birth and so much more!
  •  In Module 5, you’ll receive in depth teaching on birth trauma and how to offer Christ-centered, compassionate trauma informed care as an educator or doula.
  • Understand the 6 losses of trauma and how they affect your clients
  • Recognize the 4 stress responses and how they keep women from their best birth
  • Apply trauma-informed pillars of care to your own birth business
  •  Don’t worry if you love birth but don’t know anything about starting a birth business! Module 6 will show you how easy it is to start making an income and impact!
  • Learn how to set up your birth business easily and legally
  • How-to guide to writing your own teaching curriculum
  • Choosing your audience, niche and name for your business
  • Know how to confidently price your classes and more!
  •  Birth is far from the end of a woman’s pregnancy journey. The postpartum period is a significant time, and in Module 7 you’ll get a deep dive into the eternal Biblical postpartum principles from Revelation 12 and Leviticus 12! You’ll get answers to questions like:
  • How did God design women to carry out postpartum?
  • Why is postpartum rest important spiritually and physically?
  • What is the essential postpartum diet to heal and recover? And more!

Everything You Need to Succeed!

The Biblical Birth School Childbirth Educator Certification Program Includes 12 months of access to:

7 in depth modules with 18 hours of evidence based, Scripture packed lessons on birth!

valued at $1800

1 LIVE Q+A session every month! 

valued at $1200

The 50 page Student Workbook filled with resources and notes for educators and doulas 

valued at $100

Teaching curriculum outline to use right away in your classes

valued at $149

Scripture Cheat Sheet for Christian Birth Workers

valued at $39

Private online forum to connect with other students!

valued at $99

Certification and web badge upon completion of program requirements PLUS 

Your birth business in The Biblical Birth School Directory!

Total value =  $3387 USD

Enroll for only $597!

Payment plans are available during enrollment!

What Women Are Saying

"The last session was bittersweet. Brittany, thank you for your wisdom and godly advice during this program. I know it was God who brought you along my path for clarity that I’m on the right track. Your program was an answer to my prayer!"
- Brittany Kay, BBS Graduate
“Thank you so much! This course has really opened my eyes to how intricate God made women! It has allowed me to grow closer to God and my faith. He put birthwork in my path for a reason."
-Shinika, BBS Graduate, doula

The BBS is for you if...

Do You Want to Be a Doula?

The Biblical Birth School is proud to offer our newest program! APPOINTED Birth Doula Certification Program includes all the modules in our Childbirth Educator Certification Program plus 8 new modules to equip you to be a trauma-informed birth doula! When students complete the program they will be both a certified Childbirth Educator and Birth Doula!

The Biblical Birth School APPOINTED Birth Doula Program includes the Doula Start-Up Kit with ready to go contracts and templates to use with your clients!

More details coming soon!

Maybe you're still wondering...

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Student Wins

"This time went by so fast and was very inspiring! I'm just days away from launching my business and am so humbled and excited to see what God might want to do! I literally never thought I'd be here, but I'm confident in God's providence and know I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be."
- Melanie, BBS Graduate, Miscarriage Educator
"I have really enjoyed every moment! You are such a blessing to me! I want to tell you that my sister's midwife asked me to be her apprentice on some of her homebirths! I am so thankful that I was able to learn so much from you before I was offered this!"
-Caitlyn, BBS Graduate

Birth Education with a Mission.

The Biblical Birth School is a unique and comprehensive program designed to equip you to go into all the world and serve women before, during and after birth as a Childbirth Educator or Birth Doula for the glory of God and to improve the lives of childbearing women everywhere.

Doors open for the RELAUNCH March 25, 2024! Join the Waitlist to be the first to get BBS news and offers!