Brittany is a Biblical Childbirth Educator compassionately serving women throughout the childbearing years so that they can embrace who God created them to be. She trained with CAPPA (Childbirth and Postpartum Association) as a Childbirth Educator and Global Birth Community as a doula with an emphasis in cross cultural birth work. She is certified through Resilient Birth to support trauma survivors as a perinatal professional. Her background also includes completing Old Testament and New Testament courses at Houston Baptist University (now Houston Christian University).

She founded and leads The Biblical Birth School for women all over the world. Her mission is to train and inspire a new generation of birth professionals to take back ground in the birth world for the Kingdom of God, and to see women grow successful birth businesses in their communities. She would love nothing more than to see women come into the fullness of truth in Jesus Christ, to mature as Christians and to become confident mothers and birth workers. Brittany is passionate about the truth of the Bible as it relates to womanhood and motherhood. She writes regularly on Instagram on topics such as: Biblical menstruation, birth in the scriptures, natural birth, home birth, Biblical motherhood and femininity. 

She is a wife of 18 years and a mother to six beautiful children. She and her husband stopped full time travel in the Fall of 2022 to settle down in Northeast Florida. When she’s not supporting women in the childbearing years, you can find her attempting to read through yet another stack of books, nursing her youngest or watching a movie at home.

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You’re not cursed! God has not burdened you with motherhood, rather he has promised you JOY in motherhood.

You can heal from fear and shame. You are a woman created in His image. You are valuable. Your life as a woman and mother matters to God.

– Brittany



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